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Obsessive about brand & passionate to make an impact

Our team has extensive experience of creating, managing and growing brands - as both the client and as an agency - in SME and corporate businesses. Our passion for all things branding has seen our team working on brand projects in the UK and across international markets. We feel there is room in the market for an independent, specialist brand agency led by strategic thinking. Our approach is deliberately not full service, as our focus is on creating solid strategic foundations before applying the creativity to fit your brand positioning.

Shaking up brands since 2014

"I set-up Luna Branding in 2014 because of my passion for all things brand. Having worked in marketing for over 30 years, as both a corporate Marketing Director and running my own  marketing business, I always came back to the core value of getting the brand right, so why not start my own branding agency? Because of my corporate background, we are deliberately strategic with a creative output. The business name is an anagram of my own name, which is deliberately tongue-in-cheek, but surprisingly not everyone sees it!. We always want to engage with our clients and make sure that the process is enjoyable, as well as successful."

Alun | Luna Branding MD
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Fine tuned branding

Our skills are established on a solid base of strategic thinking (learnt in the corporate world) onto which we have added fresh creative ideas and vibrant identity design. The finishing touch is our ability to position brands in the marketplace in a highly effective way.

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For any project enquiries, please email us, reach us on 01367 705055 or simply fill in the form on our contact page.
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Our Core Values

A key part of defining your brand character as a business is based on a clear
set of core values to capture who you are and what you believe in. Here are
our own brand values:

Fresh and independent thinking not restricted by convention or category

Vibrant creative ideas and design to fit your strategy in a distinctive and
effective way

Engaging working with you to make the process enjoyable & impactful

Branding for life

Quite honestly we love branding. From the walls in the office plastered in brand advertising posters to Churchill nodding in the display cabinet, we live and breathe brands.
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