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Brand Architecture

Start with the premise that there is no right or wrong

The start point for the brand thinking when mergers or acquisitons take place is clearly going to be different for each of these situations. A merger, by definition, is a coming together of two companies to create a stronger combined entity and the new brand is often a hybrid. For acqusitions, the likely outcome is an integration into the company that is making the purchase. But, neither of these scenarios automatically applies in every case. For example, when CYBG bought Virgin Money they decided that the acquired brand had such brand recogntion and equity that they continue to use the Virgin Money brand going forward.

Brand audit

Our role is to work with you as independent Brand Strategists, with no baggage or blinkers. We assess your strategic brand options and define the best way forward to meet your business goals.

Brand mapping

Our well proven brand process and experince in the M&A market gives us the perfect skill base to work on your project. This work is focused on Brand Mapping to understand and evaluate your key options.

Stand back & take off the blinkers

Our approach is to provide strategic brand consultancy tailored to your individual needs. Each project is against an agreed specification with tangible outcomes. Our value comes from a completely independent, unblinkered perspective; well established brand methodology; and highly creative brand thinking.

Case Study

The long term brand strategy for RN Electronics started with a strategic review and has been implemented consistently since.
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Going from here

If you are looking at how to build your brand and want a long term strategy, let’s talk. We can both review and audit where you are today, consider the gaps and create a long term brand building strategy.

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How we can help - The strategic thinking comes first

Rather than being limited to one or more of these brand dimensions, we take a holistic approach by dealing with them all. Realigning your positioning, developing a compelling brand story, capturing what matters to you in your character and designing a style that fits the strategy with impact, becomes a hard hitting set of brand dimensions that in total lays the foundations for brand building.

Brand building into market

In addition to setting the brand building foundations we can talk about the brand marketing campaign side of the equation that comes next. Get in touch to find out more