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Brands are multi-dimensional: build yours on solid foundations

When our clients ask ‘what is the best way to build our brand over the long term,’ we always respond with ‘how solid are the foundations that you are building on?’ The most effective digital and marketing campaigns, driving traffic and increasing visibility are achieved when the brand building strategy is clearly defined at the beginning and consistently applied afterwards. We focus on creating solid brand foundations and then build.

Brands are assets that need nurturing

Providing brand expertise

At Luna we take a very structured approach to brand building, recognising that brands are assets that need a long term strategy.


  • Marketplace context
  • Key audiences
  • Competitive situation
  • Brand proposition


This is your brand in a market and competitive context. Is your brand aligned properly and as a consequence are you creating the right perceptions amongst your target audience? So often, businesses grow naturally without properly addressing this issue, but hit a ceiling because their positioning goes out of alignment over time. This causes confusion over how you fit in the market.


Although it is trendy to say that storytelling is a new development, the reality is that has always been central to building your brand. Communicating your story in an engaging and compelling way is vital. The days of heavily promoting what you offer to convince people to buy from you are long gone. In this digital age we can all see a sales pitch a mile away and want something more authentic and real.


  • Brand story
  • Key messaging
  • Tone of voice
  • Language


  • Ethos & Values
  • Brand purpose
  • Personality
  • Attitude


Your brand needs a defined character which comes from your business ethos and core values, if it is to have strong meaning. This is best captured in your brand purpose. We are not just talking about a promotional slogan to capture attention, but a well defined statement of your drive, like Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ or Apple’s ‘Think Different.’


When people think brand they instinctively think logo, but your identity goes so much deeper. By using the term style creates a broader picture of the creative approach, choice of imagery, colour selection and the design elements that make your brand unique


  • Brand identity
  • Logo design
  • Imagery
  • Colour palette
  • Look & feel

Case Study

The long term brand strategy for RN Electronics started with a strategic review and has been implemented consistently since.
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Going from here

If you are looking at how to build your brand and want a long term strategy, let’s talk. We can both review and audit where you are today, consider the gaps and create a long term brand building strategy.

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Brand building into market

In addition to setting the brand building foundations we can talk about the brand marketing campaign side of the equation that comes next. We have expert partners we work closely with for the Into Market strategy and campaigns. Get in touch to find out more.