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Independent brand strategists + creatives

Our core services are focused in 3 important areas of branding. First and foremost we are a strategy-led brand agency. As brand strategists we ensure that the solid foundations of understanding and thinking are firmly in place before building the creative and implementation layers. Secondly, we specialise in rebranding projects, but always where there is a business imperative to be achieved. There are plenty of agencies out there to do cosmetic refresh updates, we stay focused on making a significant impact. Thirdly, we are brand creators for both company and product brands. Experts in interpreting the needs of new ventures, entering new market, or launching products.

Our primary branding services

While are expertise is right across the spectrum of brand delivery, the following 3 core services covers the majority of our project and retained branding work.


  • Audit
  • Discovery
  • Mapping
  • Strategic thinking

Brand Strategists

Our approach is to provide strategic brand consultancy tailored to your individual needs. Each project is against an agreed specification with tangible outcomes. Our value comes from a completely independent, unblinkered perspective; well established brand methodology; and highly creative brand thinking.
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Rebranding Experts

When done properly rebranding can be a game changer for your business visibility, perceptions and growth. We are rebrand experts who will guide you through the process to make sure that your rebranding has a tangible ROI and wider business value.
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  • Rebrand strategy
  • Concept routes
  • Full brand identity
  • Relaunch


  • Brand naming
  • Brand strategy
  • Creative identity
  • Branded websites
  • Brand launch

Brand Creators

Working literally from the blank piece of paper stage to create a brand is a challenge we relish. We have extensive experience of both supporting established companies who need to brand a new product or enter a new sector; and interpreting the vision of ambitious entrepreneurs.
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Case Study

The long term brand strategy for RN Electronics started with a strategic review and has been implemented consistently since.
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Going from here

If you are looking at your brand and want a strategic partner, let’s talk.

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