We have a vast depth of experience creating both company and product brands for new ventures and tech start-ups


Building solid foundations for your new B2B brand that supports long term growth

Creating a new business brand can be a daunting task. You know exactly what product or service you want to take to market but are less sure what your branding needs to look like and how you make sure that it will resonate with your key audience. We can take the pressure away by providing the skills and know-how to create a brand that fits your approach perfectly.

We are thorough in approach with a proven 3 Stage Brand Creation Process based on detailed discovery, strategy development and creative design.

Our work in creating and developing B2B brands also covers Product Brands to target and launch into new markets, or to give specific service or product offers substance and credibility.


Long term strategic brand development starts with solid brand foundations


B2B brands need clarity, direction and structure

We provide an extra dimension to the long term viability of your brand and, as a consequence, to the success of your company by designing brands with a combination of art and science. As brand experts we can be totally focused on your branding and finding the ooptimum market and competitive positioning for your business. Our approach is strategy-led rather than overly driven by the creative side of brand. This means all of our creative work has substance and meaning.



Brand Masterplan

Integral to our brand creation work is the Brand MasterPlan. This is a comprehensive strategy document that both captures the detailed research and discovery work we conduct to provide the baseline and context; and the subsequent brand thinking detailing how your brand will be built and consistently presented. While branding needs an impactful creative output, it also has to be systematically developed and methodically delivered to be effective.


Brand Baseline

Discovery + Research

The first stage in creating brands is to ensure we have a good working knowledge of your internal and external context (your ambitions, competition, market dynamics and audience perceptions.)


Cleaar positioning

Brand Strategy

Ensuring your brand is a good fit with your business, covering what matters most to you and how you want to be seen. We define your brand strategy so that everyone understands what drives the business and differentiates you.


Style and identity

Brand Creative

The design of your brand is the output of the previous two stages. Your logo, brand identity, colour palette, imagery and visual approach have to capture the defined brand strategy and market positioning.

Brand Creation Case Study: JGR

Our work with JGR (Jamie Green Racing) has a solid, long term strategic foundation. Before creating the new business branding we completed a brand review and put the strategy in place.

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Brand Masterplan

We approach every new brand project as bespoke. The business and market context is different for every client project and we tailor each one to reflect this. Our branding capability ensures that your brand is built on rock solid foundations which allows the marketing campaign activity that follows to be more effective.