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Mergers & Acquisitions

Maximising brand in the merger & acquisition process

The branding start point when mergers or acquisitions take place is different for each individual situation. A merger, by definition, is a coming together of companies to create a stronger combined entity and the new brand is often a hybrid. For acquisitions, the likely outcome is an integration into the company that is making the purchase. But, neither of these typical scenarios automatically applies in every case. For example, when CYBG bought Virgin Money they decided that the acquired brand had such brand recognition and equity that they continue to use the Virgin Money brand going forward.

That is why we come into the M&A process with an open mind on what the brand strategy outcome may be. There is no right or wrong, simply options and finding the best fit for your company.

Front-end Brand Strategy

We bring extensive experience of defining brand strategies for the M&A Market. The detail is of no consequence if the thinking is not clearly defined first. Our expertise is in establishing the best fit brand architecture for your situation.
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International coverage

Our work in this sector covers both UK-based M&A activity and working with international companies as they expand globally. We have corporate experience across multiple sectors.
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Great brand thinking always come from thorough understanding, research, audit, analysis


Once we have that baseline of discovery, we strategise by mapping out the alternative options, before agreeing the best one for the business.


While we know the value of process, we also appreciate the need to achieve solutions. End results that have a strategy with impact.

Brand RoadMap

Our well proven brand process and experience in the M&A market gives us the perfect skill base to work on your project. This work is focused on Brand Mapping to understand and evaluate your key options.

Delivery elements to be covered for a smooth transition

The branding delivery element of an M&A project covers many themes, including the following key items:

  • Brand Audit a baseline of understanding
  • Discovery research covering management, staff, clients - surveys & interviews
  • RoadMap outlining the delivery plan
  • Internal comms ensuring that you take the team with you
  • Client comms so that it is perceived as a positive development
  • Marketplace ensuring that perceptions are managed

Case Study

We work with global consultancy Jense Hughes to help integrate acquired companies into the corporate brand.
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Let's talk M&A

Whether you are considering an acquisition or merger and want to plan in the brand dimension, or have made the change and are considering which brand route to take, please get in touch and we will be pleased to help.

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