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Clota Varde

Social Impact Finance House

Clota Varde is an innovative new venture that specialises in mobilising investment into companies and projects that demonstrate a highly positive environmental or social impact. The Clota Varde Name has a distinctive origin story. ‘Clota’ references the Goddess of the River Clyde in Glasgow; and “Vȁrde’ is Swedish for adding or creating value. These words have strong significance to two of the Business Founders: Scottish-born entrepreneur Fraser Hamilton and Swedish City-based financial services specialist Alexandra Martinez.





The project brief was to create a distinctive new brand for this specialist financial business with a social impact focus. They had already decided on the business name and our role was to create an equally compelling and intriguing brand. They wanted to appeal to both sides of the finance deal: those sourcing funds and the investors providing the funding. Both groups should want to engage and have pride in the relationship – this is not just a commercial transaction.

What did we do?

We implemented our highly effective brand creation process in three stages: building the baseline understanding of the client needs and market context; establishing the brand strategy and developing three alternative concept routes to allow discussion of the best fit  for the business; and then taking the chosen route through to the finished brand identity design.

Having created the new brand for Clota Varde we produced a comprehensive Brand Manual covering the brand story, vision, core brand values, purpose & character, positioning, plus detailed identity elements (including logo usage , colour specifications, brand style , tone of voice and language.)

The brand was applied to business card, letterhead and LinkedIn page designs.

Brand strategy

Identity design

Brand manual


Deliverables achieved

This new brand was launched in 2021. Our role is to ensure that it is distinctive and impactful to support the market entry. Client feedback on the market response is very positive. We have managed to reinforce the social impact focus and unusual name with a brand that asks to be noticed and questioned.

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