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Andy Holt is one of those entrepreneurial businessmen who has lots of creative business ideas. One of those sparks pulled together his musical interest with the idea of designing and building aluminium guitars. Drewman Guitars came out of that innovative thinking. They are one of the few specialist guitar makers who create both aluminium bodies and necks to deliver the full experience.




In this case there was no specific brief, more a trust and ongoing brand support. What mattered to Andy was having someone to lean on, to bounce ideas and to gain brand input into his business.

What did we do?

From the business launch in 2015 Luna has worked with Andy to discuss and advise on the development of his brand. You have a head start on creating a distinctive brand when the product itself is genuinely unique. A great looking guitar milled from aircraft grade aluminium blocks certainly fits that bill. We advised on developing the branding with clean and contemporary imagery to fit the style and tone of the identity.


Brand Advisors

Deliverables achieved

One of the key challenges was to ensure that the brand was not too cold and clinical: to build character into this technological product. The Drewman brand shows how you can utilise a modern logo font while allowing the personality to develop through the wider identity, delivered on merchandise, exhibiting at specialist guitar shows and social campaigns on Instagram and across other channels.

This is long term, ongoing client relationship and we are trusted Brand Advisors. 

"You know that you are dealing with experts, these guys know brand inside out. They challenged our assumptions but in the right way to help us launch our guitars and have stayed with us on the journey. It is great to have that quality of sounding board." Andy Holt, Founder & Owner Drewman Guitars

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