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For over twenty years Oxford Garden Design have been designing and landscaping gardens, in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties, that respond directly to people’s individual needs. Whether that is for entertaining, enjoying the beauty and scent of flowers, watching wildlife or simply being in nature, their aim is to create gardens for people to love.



We were brought on board by OGD (Oxford Garden Design) founder Sheena Marsh to help with the strategic repositioning of her business. Despite the success of the business as one of the largest garden design companies locally with over 25 staff, the brand was not properly aligned. Being in a highly competitive marketplace reinforced the need to establish a distinctive and credible brand position for OGD. We needed to identify the key drivers that would allow them to stand out.

What did we do?

Our brand work split into two distinct phases. First we conducted a Brand Audit to review their positioning and to understand the misalignment issues and key changes that needed to be made. We focused on the pleasure derived from your garden rather than the garden design itself. Most competitors want to show you the great work they have done. OGD needed to focus on how it made their customers feel and how much enjoyment they would have. They were also underplaying the full capability they had with both design and landscaping in-house with their extensive team, which few others could match. But most importantly it was the values they held that needed to come through.

Secondly, we designed and built a new branded website to capture this new brand positioning. We developed this brand promise to capture the effect gardens have which is fundamental to Sheena's ethos: 

'A great garden touches all your senses'

The existing logo worked well and so we concentrated on the brand style, look & feel and character of the brand. The warmth, character and quality of the business was captured with a visual style designed to appeal to their primary audience.

Brand audit


Rebrand design

Brand website

Deliverables achieved: turnover increased by 50%

Having undertaken the strategy review and applying the thinking to a new branded website, the impact has been significant:

“Luna worked closely with us focusing on the needs of our clients, our goals for the future development of the company and our niche area of expertise. Thanks to their insightful help it quickly became apparent that there was a mismatch between our values and our brand image. They developed a highly successful strategy helping us better reach our ideal clients. It has been nearly a year since we underwent our re-branding exercise and turnover has increased by 50% in that time. More importantly, the type of enquiries we receive via the website are now much better matched to the service we provide.”  Sheena Marsh, Founder & Director, Oxford Garden Design

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