The Solid Bar Company

Organic Toiletry Products

Having returned from the United States The Solid Bar Company founders, Rebecca & Nick, wanted to rebrand the business to give it a more British feel. As a consumer brand it needed to be positioned carefully to appeal on the shelf, as well as establishing its organic credentials. Their strapline of 'Planet Friendly Luxury' perfectly captures the eco dimension with a premium positioning.




As with so many of the Luna Branding projects, there have been different phases of the work we have done with The Solid Bar Company. The start point was the rebranding, including a major redesign of the brand logo and colour palette. When starting the business in America, they had previously used bolder more Caribbean-inspired colours. Our brief was to develop a brand identity to sit comfortably but distinctively in the High Street and online marketplaces on this side of the Atlantic. We then worked with them to update the packaging design to fit the brand strategy.

What did we do?

The first challenge was to design a brand logo for a very long brand name! As you can see, we made the words 'Solid Bar' the focal point of the design to help break up the wording and make it more visually appealing. Then we added the brand symbol which represents the chemistry of the product. The focus was to make it contemporary, active and dynamic.

Having created the new brand logo and colour palette we then worked on the pack design. Initially, to design the round labels to go onto the tins and then the printed packs to integrate the primary brand colour, a warm teal, as the main packaging colour.


Logo design

Visual Identity

Pack Design

Deliverables achieved

Our work here is baseline branding rather than the promotional campaigns end of brand. For us the success is in achieving the right balance of ethical, vegan, purpose-driven branding with the more direct needs of being a contemporary retail brand. The client has clearly stated that we achieved this aim, which gives them the baseline for marketing their distinctive product offer.

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