Rebranding Experts

Rebranding should only be done with a clear business objective

When done properly rebranding can be a game changer for your business visibility, perceptions and growth. We are rebrand experts who will guide you through the process to make sure that your rebranding has a tangible ROI and wider business value.

Areas of focus

  • Full scale rebrand

  • Market repositioning

  • Relaunch strategy

Rebrands that are cosmetic miss the point

Need strategic support

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Strategy-led rebrand projects

Here are some of the fundamentals of rebranding that need to be properly addressed. As with all Luna rebrand work creative execution comes at the end of the process, it does not lead.

• establish your business goals • focus on what matters to your audience • define a compelling proposition • tell an engaging story • position distinctively in your market • design a visual style that fits

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Rebranding project for retail business The Solid Bar Company
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Strategy, creative & implementation

Our rebranding capability is right across the spectrum from discovery + understanding ,strategic thinking, full creative identity to relaunch into the marketplace on branded website and with core brand foundations.

Repositioning: focused on the marketplace

In some of our rebrand work the client needs help in repositioning their company to properly position themselves. In most of these cases specific elements, like logo designs, are left untouched. It is brand perception that needs to be changed.

What matters

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Rebranding needs a business purpose, which can range from establishing a new direction to appeal to new sectors; bringing your brand in alignment with where your business is today; to overcome negative perceptions; or to support business growth ambitions.

We work with you to understand your business goals and what matters most, then we bring our brand experience and expertise to ensure your new branding is a perfect fit.

We love nothing more than to talk brand and help you to make a difference.

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