Top 5 Brand Tips

Branding is a complex subject but we have distilled it down to 5 essential points.

Brand Tip 1

Key to every strong brand is consistency. If you regularly change the visual style of your brand or how you talk about it in your promotional marketing, that will just create confusion. Be consistent. Central to consistency is a clear definition of your brand values, brand story and key messaging. Your social, digital, print strategies should always reference back to your defined branding. While the temptation to get creative on your marketing is strong, it has to fit who you are and what you stand for at all times.


Brand Tip 2

Your brand identity is not just about your logo, also pay attention to your colour palette (the full set of colours used across your marketing not just your logo colours); and visual style, including the type of photos and images you use to represent your brand. Ensure your identity fits your business focus and how your appeal to your audience not just colours or styles you like personally. There is a whole bunch of information on colour psychology out there, take a look and understand what your colours are saying about your business.

Brand Tip 3

Be clear on your brand story (the essence of what drives your business), main messages (what makes you stand out) and your tone of voice (how you deliver the messaging.) Define this before applying it to your marketing, not the other way around. Branding drives marketing communications.

Brand Tip 4

If you feel the timing is right to update your website this is a clear sign that you should first review your branding. Your brand may have become tired, fallen behind competitors or is no longer a good fit with the way your business has developed. Please don’t ever say “we will sort the brand out after we have redone our website.” The visual style, messaging and business positioning on your website has to come from a clearly defined brand strategy.

Brand Tip 5

Your brand’s position in the market is fluid. Your competitors will not stand still, so neither should you. Review your brand against key competitors at least every 3-5 years. There is no set timing for rebranding, it depends on your sector, the development of your business and your ambitions. What is important is to ensure that your brand remains relevant to your audience and fits who you are. Stay focused on what matters to your business.

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