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Brand strategy drives B2B growth


Living in an age where digital channels are so visible and responsive can lead to a belief that brand strategy is less relevant. The reality is the opposite. Marketing and digital communication are more impactful when steered by a highly focused and meaningful B2B brand strategy.

The key drivers and fundamental logic of keeping brand strategy at the epicentre are the following:

First, a fully functioning brand strategy is by definition taking an understanding of where you have come from and applying a long term perspective to where you want to go. The emphasis being on long term. This counters the natural tendency for digital marketing to be about the now, current pressures and the annual marketing plan. For many companies it is where marketing is expected to support sales and business development. This leads inevitably to a short term perspective and a down-playing of the added-value that comes from long term brand building, if you have a single focus on just campaign and promotional marketing.

Second, brand strategy is multidimensional, covering your brand’s positioning, style, story and personality. It is not just referencing the identity and creative dimension alone, but is also a written document outlining all dimensions providing the foundations for your brand activity and development. Without this playbook marketing can end up being more reactive and less consistent.

Third, it is holistic. To be authentic and meaningful your brand strategy has to reflect what matters most to you, your business ethos and values, and your purpose or promise. Constructed in a way that addresses the needs of your marketplace and key audiences. Catering for the complexity of multiple audiences, different product offers and changes in direction and business focus.

Brand strategy is critical in driving business growth in B2B companies. Your key clients and prospects crave clarity and consistency when selecting and working with brands. 

Finally, when you have a comprehensive brand strategy it is of great value to your digital, PR, marketing and ABM agencies. They have solid ground and direction to build their campaigns and communications, knowing exactly what your brand stands for and where it is going. Turning the thinking on its head, without a coherent brand strategy to follow each agency will inevitably bring their own spin and interpretation of your brand to the table, making your job harder in coordinating these different inputs, staying on track and achieving the holy grail of long term brand consistency.

Brand strategy matters for B2B companies, just as much a financial, operational and business strategies. 

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