Expert rebranding agency who can advise on whether a rebrand is appropriate for your business and when needed manage the whole process into market


Rebranding should only be done with a clear business objective

When done properly rebranding can be a game changer for your business visibility, perceptions and growth. We are rebrand experts who will guide you through the process to make sure that your rebranding has a tangible ROI and wider business value. Rebrands that are purely cosmetic miss the point

That includes advising you not to do it, if we think it is wrong for you.

If your rebranding project is in the Mergers & Acquisitions area, check out our specialist services for M&A Rebranding: MORE DETAILS


Strategy-led rebranding expertise

ARTICLE: What rebranding realy means

There are plenty of agencies who can do a light refresh, few who deliver strategic rebrands.

Coming at rebranding from the strategic brand angle means that we deliver a far more comprehensive outcome. We want to know why you think it is necessary, what you want to achieve and what problems you want to resolve. Then we can formulate a rebrand plan to consider and resolve the strategic brand issues you face.

Of course, the end result will have the full creative output but only after a thorough process of discovery + research, concept design and brand strategy.

We never undertake rebranding projects that we do not believe are necessary. They have to deliver tangible value to your business.

Rebranding in the M&A Sector

We have considerable experience and a business focus on the merger & acquisition (M&A) marketplace, supporting B2B companies across the globe to successfully rebrand. MORE DETAILS




Discovery + Understanding

Brand Research

Our baseline for rebrands comes from in-depth research and understanding. Internal company focus and ambitions combine with external knowledge.


Concepts + Strategic Thinking

Brand Strategy

Utilising the understanding to develop alternative brand concepts, leading to selection of the best route. Full strategy is then developed.


Creative + Implementation

Brand Design

The final stage in our rebranding process is the full creative design of both the brand identity and the key assets (across website, marcomms and literature.)

Rebranding Case Study:
Oxford Garden Design

The rebranding project for Oxford Garden Design is a great example of where a business is branded like ever other competitor in their sector and needed to stand distinct in their own space.

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Brand Masterplan

We approach every new brand project as bespoke. The business and market context is different for every client project and we tailor each one to reflect this. Our branding capability ensures that your brand is built on rock solid foundations which allows the marketing campaign activity that follows to be more effective.