When you want a fresh perspective on your branding from highly experienced brand strategy consultants


Independent, expert brand strategy consultants

We can stand outside the organisation, unblinkered by preconceptions to provide a fresh perspective, objective assessment and clear strategy that will enhance your B2B branding.

Luna undertake the brand research and discovery that forms the basis of informed thinking. Do the brand mapping and develop concepts to test alternative routes and through discussion agree the strategic pathway that best fits your situation.

Brand strategists and consultants that can advise and guide you through the intricacy of the strategic brand process and define a fresh brand strategy that will  help you achieve your business goals.

ARTICLE: Brand strategy drives B2B growth

We add value best when there is complexity, challenge and ambition.

As brand strategists our consultancy work follows a thorough process of discovery, mapping and strategic thinking to ensure the best outcomes for our clients' brand projects. We love a good challenge and are happy to deal with complex business issues, across multiple audiences and product / service sectors. We are also highly experienced working on brand projects in international markets, as well as here in the UK.



Brand Masterplan

We elevate brands to make them more coherent, focused and relevant, working with medium to large companies and corporates.

Luna are the right fit if you want to stand back and thoroughly review your company branding, build a LT brand strategy, undertake a major rebrand or integrate acquisitions seamlessly.

Our brand projects are here in the UK and with global companies.

Brand Modelling

A Baseline Reference

One key aspect of our brand strategy work is to model the 4 Major Brand Elements shown here. A detailed baseline understanding of your brand performance today will inform the strategic thinking that follows, making your brand fit for future growth.


Understand how well known your brand is in the target market. Assess the maximum achievable level of visibility.


Variability between how you want to be perceived and how key clients / prospects actually perceive your brand.


Audit of brand implementation to assess how consistently your brand is communicated in marcomms + by your team.


How effective is your branding in making a definable impact, relative to your business goals and competitive benchmarks.

Brand Strategy Case Study:
SKR Lighting

Luna work closely with Neil Skinner, Director at SKR Lighting, to reassess the market positioning of the business and better reflect their business ethos and competitive advantage. As a specialist business operating in the UK and across key EMEA markets on major lighting design projects, they needed their brand strategy to capture their full capability.

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Brand Masterplan

We approach every new brand project as bespoke. The business and market context is different for every client project and we tailor each one to reflect this. Our branding capability ensures that your brand is built on rock solid foundations which allows the marketing campaign activity that follows to be more effective.

Strategic brand consultants

We have highlighted some of the popular elements of our strategic branding process, but happy to discuss your specific needs and tailor our work.

  • Strategic Vision

    Strategic Vision

    Brand strategy has to underpin your business strategy and goals. We will undertake a strategic evaluation of your brand to ensure that the vision, values and ethos that drive you are fully captured in your brand strategy.
  • Brand Audit

    Brand Audit

    We conduct a full brand audit to give a realistic and honest assessment of the health of your brand, strengths / weaknesses, strategic gaps and capability for future development. Potential to include workshops with the team.
  • Brand Research & Discovery

    Brand Research & Discovery

    Our capability is focused on qualitative research and making sure that both the internal and external perspective is captured. Covering market, competitor, staff and leadership research. A mix of surveys, interviews, focus group and desk research.
  • Brand Mapping

    Brand Mapping

    Strategic mapping process to review the brand journey to date, lessons learnt and progress made. Utilise this information to map the ongoing brand progression to fit key business objectives.
  • Brand Purpose + Promise

    Brand Purpose + Promise

    Not every B2B business needs a brand purpose, for many a brand promise that highlights the business focus can be a better fit. We both advise the best option for you and help create the right wording.