ESG Brochure

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Brochure designed for Jensen Hughes global business

Project Overview

Having worked closely with Jensen Hughes on the rebranding of their acquisitions, we were delighted to be asked to support them in the creation of a new ESG (Environmental Social Governance) Brochure. The clear intention was to recognise the importance of this corporate dimension and highlight the excellent work already underway across DEI (Diversity, Equity + Inclusion), Environmental Stewardship, Health + Wellbeing and a number of other key areas of ESG focus for Jensen Hughes globally.


Fire protection engineering



Services Provided

Brochure layout + page design

Multiple edits + artwork

Copy + messaging input

Project team member



Business Objectives

A team led by a Jensen Hughes main board Director was established to manage the project. Luna took the creative branding lead working alongside Jensen Hughes Marketing and an external ESG & Sustainability expert, Andreas Georgoulias from EFCG, with specialist knowledge in this area taking the lead on the written content.

"The challenges we face from resource scarcity, climate risk and social injustice affect almost every aspect of our lives and daily operations. Jensen Hughes has taken the right steps to better care for our environment, understand our social responsibilities and govern ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report presents the contributions we’ve made, the work we’ve done and the actions taken in 2021 to pursue our ESG goals. Looking forward, we will continue working with our clients and communities to find new ways to enhance our impact and make the world more safe, secure and resilient." 

Copy from Jensen Hughes website

What Did We Do?

The first task was to decide on a new design layout for the brochure that reflected the corporate branding guidelines while reflecting the style and gravity of the ESG subject area.

Despite this being a text heavy report with a large amount of important information to communicate, it was equally important to keep it easily readable and visually engaging. The use of large images and section breaks was part of the solution to acheieve the best balance between written messaging and creative imagery.

Inevitably, the process required a great deal of project management and many versions, as it was checked and edited by senior leaders. This is an important part of the process when the subject matter is so important, a vital communication tool for the business.

Deliverables Achieved

The final brochure is a 60 page document that was made public at the end of 2022. Assessing the impact of this important piece of company communication is not easy. What is clear is that it is highly valued by the client who want the ESG message and their commitment to be loud and clear. Internal feedback has been excellent.

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