Jamie Green Racing

Supporting the change from racing driver to a new position as Professional Racing Coach

Project Overview

Following on from a highly successful career as a racing driver, Jamie Green decided to set-up a new business to pass on his skills to the next generation. JGR is taking a new approach to driver coaching by establishing a Driver Development offer for young drivers (which is also includes running a karting team); and a Driver Management offer for adults who want guidance and planning for their careers in racing. Luna were integral in the creation of this brand strategy.





Services Provided

Strategy + Direction

Market Positioning

Brand Design

Branded Website

Race Clothing Design



Business Objectives

Jamie approached Luna as he wanted expert help to create a new brand for the JGR business. He recognised that he needed guidance on how to go about the process and to ensure that the brand was dynamic, contemporary and a good fit with the motorsports market. Not just to look the same as others, but to have a highly distinctive positioning that sets him apart. The brief covered the brand strategy, identity design and branded website to allow him to launch JGR into the market.

I am so pleased with our re-branding! It absolutely reflects the ethics and future direction we wish to take the business."

Sarah Allen-Stevens

Business owner

What Did We Do?

We followed our established process, taking time at the outset to gain a good understanding of the business goals, marketplace situation and competitor branding. Jamie has a well established brand image and reputation which we wanted to build on rather than start again.

A part of this process was to design a brand creative for the new JGR logo that uses a racetrack design and a finishing line in the high visibility green shade that has been a key part of Jamie's helmet design throughout his career.

The branding deliberately employs a development approach rather than restarting with an unconnected brand design.

Then the branding was applied to a series of branded asserts, including a contemporary website design + build, racewear clothing and business stationery.

Deliverables Achieved

This brand positioning project for JGR was launched at the beginning of 2022. Time will show how big an impact it has. What it will do is give Jamie a solid and contemporary brand foundation for the new phase of his career in motorsports. 

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