Project Case Study

Toffee TV

A significant brand transition in the journey that this YouTube video channel has taken to become a professional media channel.

Project Overview

Our aim was to help reflect the change of ToffeeTV from a Fan Channel run by supporters of Everton FC to a professional media business with a focus on Everton. They were moving along this road and it was important that their branding reflected this change. It meant a fundamental rebrand and significant change in their positioning to help change perceptions.


Professional media company



Services Provided


Creative Design

Logo Redesign




Business Objectives

The project came out of a desire to have a more business-like brand to reflect the significant progress Toffee TV had made in the professional creation of video content. Operating from a studio in Liverpool they had the equipment and production skills, along with the full-time commitment to producing daily shows. What they needed now was a brand identity and positioning that reflected their status as a media company.

"Luna were selected from a pitch review to work with Jensen Hughes for this Mergers & Acquisition project. The primary goal was to seamlessly integrate their UK+Ireland acquisitions into the corporate brand. They were acutely aware that the process if handled badly could impact the local businesses negatively. The brief was not only to ensure that clients viewed the change as well managed, but that the rebranding kept the internal team fully informed and committed."

Bonnie Shepherd

Senior VP Marketing, Jenson Hughes

What Did We Do?

We completed a full market and competitor review to understand how the larger players in this sector positioned their brands. This created a useful baseline for determining how to develop the new TTV branding.

Following the Discovery Phase and discussions with the client to understand internal perceptions and goals, we developed the brand concept to visualise the way we wanted to direct the new approach.

Central to the project was the design, build and content creation on a new branded website. As a consumer facing site we ensured it had a strong brand styling and would appeal to their existing and future members,

Alongside this work we developed the Premier Member product branding to personalise the Patreon membership process.

Deliverables Achieved

Despite not being linked to one of the currently more successful Premier League teams in Everton, nonetheless Toffee TV continue to grow YouTube subscribers and Premier Members. The rebrand positions them perfectly for future growth.

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