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Brand agency working environment


We stayed office based because it works for us, fits our approach and keeps the wheels turning. But done in our own style!

Covid had a significant impact on the brand agency working environment and, of course, all creative agencies. Working from home went from absconding from work to a recognised method of getting things done. Some agencies have gone as far as ditching the overhead costs and went fully remote. We took a different path and decided to retain the office base throughout the pandemic disruption through to today and into the future. We like to have a place to do business.

Key to this thought process is the environment itself. We chose an old building in the centre of town rather than the temptation of a modern structure. Character is important to stimulate the strategic and creative thinking.

Equally important is the room design. We are literally surrounded by brand.

The walls are plastered with brand signage, the Michelin Man is proudly strutting his brand stuff next to the Red Bull container and giant Lego box,

While Captain America and Batman fight for attention in their relative universes, Buzz is directing traffic for the Daleks.

While it’s not to everyones taste, it serves both as an important part of the Luna brand personality and provides creative inspiration for our branding project work. If you cannot be inspired by great brands, why are you in branding?

To be clear, this is just a brief insight into who we are at Luna and our mindset, not a “this is how you should do it” piece. It takes a long time to be this geeky about brand and collect the memorabilia! Fascinated by brand agency working environment and for the rich variety of approach out there. Absolutely, each to their own.

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