Brand Thinking

When consultancy meets agency


You won’t believe the amount of soul searching that has gone into the simple question of are we branding consultants or are we a branding agency? The short answer is that we are both. Given that we advise companies on how to position themselves there is a beautiful irony here.

The difficulty stems from the fact that we do operate as strategy-led in a market where most agencies come from the creative side, as their core strength. The depth of our discovery and research to gain a detailed understanding at the beginning of every project is certainly akin to brand consultants. Our distinction is that we also have the capability to follow through the brand understanding and strategy to design and undertake the brand creative. Part consultancy and part agency.

Perhaps we are an ‘agenancy’ or some kind of cross-over? Or, more likely, we are splitting hairs and what matters is that we attract clients who are a great fit for what we have to offer.

Answers on a postcard.

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