Ensuring your brand is consistent, impactful and authentic over the years is a skill


Supporting long term brand building

Many B2B companies become focused on the annual marketing and sales plan, losing sight of the long term development of their brand. We work alongside the marketing team and campaign-focused agencies to consistently and strategically develop your company brand over a 5 year+ timescale, building value, visibility and credibility.

Core to much of our Brand Developent work is the repositioning of company brands that have become misaligned over time. This is most evident on company websites that have not kept pace with the evolution of the business.

The third arm of our work is creating and developing Product Brands to target and launch into new markets, or to give specific service or product offers substance and credibility.

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Long term strategic brand development


Brands need a clear direction and structure

We provide an extra dimension to the long term viability of your brand and, as a consequence, to the success of your company. As brand strategists we can step away from the operational pressures you deal with to give both an honest appraisal of your brand and develop a long term Brand MasterPlan (more details below.)



Brand Masterplan

Integral to our brand development work is the creation of a Brand MasterPlan. This is a comprehensive strategy document that both captures the detailed research and discovery work we conduct to provide the baseline and context; and the subsequent brand thinking detailing how your brand will be built and consistently presented over the years. While this long term brand building has a creative output, it has to be systematically developed and methodically delivered to be effective. Given the pace of change in the modern world, it makes sense to review and update your Brand MasterPlan at least every 2 years.


LT Brand Development

Brand Building

Our clients acknowledge that long term brand building is not the same as short term brand promotion. If this distinction matters to you then we are a great fit and should talk.


Re-aligning your brand

Brand Positioning

Over time brands can get misaligned and need repositioning to make sure that they are representing what matters to your company and how you want to be seen.


Preparing for new markets

Product Branding

The development of Product Brands is not always a straightforward or purely creative process. The strategy behind your product branding also has to be carefully considered and defined.

Brand Development Case Study: Wicklesham Commercial Properties

Our work with Wicklesham Commercial Properties has a solid, long term strategic foundation. Before undertaking their rebranding we completed a brand review and put the strategy in place.

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Brand Masterplan

We approach every new brand project as bespoke. The business and market context is different for every client project and we tailor each one to reflect this. Our branding capability ensures that your brand is built on rock solid foundations which allows the marketing campaign activity that follows to be more effective.