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Preparing to be acquired


Many companies set a strategic goal to develop the business to an optimum level and then sell the company and realise their asset. However, it is often forgotten that the external perception of potential purchasers can be greatly enhanced through branding.

Not only are they more likely to be attracted if the branding is strong but the sale value can be higher. This is not a simplistic change of logo or brand name, but a thorough strategic review and establishment of brand changes that enhance perceptions and optimise the brand assets. Nothing should be done in a cosmetic way, changes to your brand need to have rationale and value.

A buyer wants to be reassured that you can add value to their portfolio and brand is a key factor in determining your credibility in this assessment.

Even if their intention is to rebrand and integrate your company into their corporate brand, they will still see value to a well-established brand strategy, positioning, story and identity design. In some instances the purchaser will allow the newly acquired business to continue trading under the original brand, especially if it is seen as having tangible value in the market and amongst key clients. In other situations they will have an initial stand alone or co-branding phase prior to integration into the corporate brand which can last for a year or more.

Luna Case Study: RN Electronics

The level of change needed in the preparation for sale brand assessment can vary from a focus on your website and marcomms style and positioning right through to a comprehensive rebranding. No two cases are alike as it is totally dependent on the situation you are in currently and the potential to strengthen your brand. The decision needs to come after a detailed discovery and research phase that assesses your brand, identifies the gaps and opportunities, before defining the brand strategy that best fits your business.

One of our key services is focused on Mergers & Acquisitions where Luna can help to maximise your sale value and credibility prior to M&A activity.

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